The Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Cars

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Planning to purchase a used car? Well, it may be confusing and a daunting experience. Getting a good deal on a reliable and safe vehicle that will not cost you a lot of money in repairs is what you need. However, by reading this guide, you have begun the first step so let’s roll the sleeves.

What to look for when BUYING USED CARS ONLINE

Buying used cars online sometimes may be considered risky, but consider the following tips while shopping for a used car online at a fairly negotiated price.


Having a qualified mechanic perform an inspection and test the car will help you avoid the unnecessary repair cost down the road. A professional mechanic will help uncover the hidden problems helps in determining the value of the car.

Test Drive

Test driving a used car is a greater way of knowing if it’s the right model and make for you. As well, it's sure of knowing the condition of the car. While at the wheel you need to look for the following:

     How easy is it to start the engine?

     How is the visibility? Check the side and rear-view mirrors and look for any potential blind spot.

     Check out if the breaks are squeak.

     After self-drive, ask for a service record to see if maintenance has always been carried-out.

Check Car History

Plan to get the history of the car, unless you are planning to buy it from a close friend. It is an early essential step. If the vehicle has a bad history, the sooner you know, the better. Besides, the history report will as well prove ownership and status of the vehicle.

Are Cheap Used Cars worthy?

Unfortunately, there is no fit-it-all answer for shopping for a brand new or a used car. However, it is common knowledge that once a vehicle drives off the showroom, its value depreciates. Therefore, you gain much by buying an old car at a relatively affordable price and save. Additionally, since used cars are cheaper than brand new ones, you entirely widen the selection pool you can purchase. Moreover, considering buying a used car can help you save money on insurance since the premiums charges are based on the age of the car. Thus, it will save you from insurance shock.

Where to Find Used Cars Online

The process of finding and purchasing a new car can be quite a daunting exercise. However, the internet boast of a bevy of virtual car sales. Arranged by every type of car you might be looking for, the sites provide you with the necessary information regarding the condition of every car you desire to own. Below are some of the top used car websites for bettering your online quest shopping experience.

Auto Traders

When it comes to advanced search tools, is your ideal choice. The initial search not only lets you choose the model, make and price of your most desired car, but you can as well filter your results based on its fuel economy and other notable variables and features. Once you have identified the search functions, let the requisite box populate the results.

Nada Guides

Nadaguides is the official site for National Automotive Dealers Association, although it also offers private party listing features. Hence, the two combined gives the website a versatile pool. Equally, it provides a user-friendly and an intuitive shopping tool. Besides offering the usual search variables, it provides a comparison service where a user can put up to four cars against another. Additionally, it includes a vehicle record search, car loan approval, and monthly payment calculator.

Auto Tempest.

Auto tempest is an aggregator that cover different traditional car-buying sites. The valuable key feature, though, is the Craigslist aggregation. The search results on Auto tempest are decently precise and well-organized.

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